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Founded in 1994 and officialy opend in 1998, Master Mastic was created by Brian Stilwell and Michele McEwan. They saw a need for a company that specialized in sealing expansion joints for the swimming pool industry. With consumer acceptance of our product as well as demand for different and reliable joints sealers, Master Mastic has become a brand name crossing many industries.

Master Mastics customer base has grown rapidly through out many different industries including the pool, concrete, landscaping, real estate, and restaurant. We offer a variety of different services including pool and patio joint restoration, driveway and sidewalk wood joint sealing, vertical control joints in building structures and natural stone salt water sealers. Among our commercial services we seal expansion and control joints, precast concrete, random cracks and semi-rigid joint fillers.

We thank all our customers for supporting and recommending our company. We continue to strive to offer the best quality services while continuing to be a step ahead of waterproofing technology.

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